This is Max. He joined our family in late ’98. Prostate cancer got him quickly in June of 2008. he was an incredibly sweet dog. He loved everybody he ever met, be they people, other dogs, rattlesnakes, cats, lizards, javelina, rabbits, etc.

He hated to travel, but then when life is on top of a mesa in southern New Mexico, why would anyone want to leave?? He thought he was already in heaven (we’re sure he’s there now). The only thing he missed on the Mesa was water. Everybody knows Goldens need water (for swimming). Max wouldn’t let me sleep much past 7:00 AM because of his requirement for a 3 or 4 mile walk behind our house every day (next buildings – Deming).

We were heartbroken when we lost him as anybody would be when losing a member of the immediate family. He can never be replaced.