Cheyanne, like an angel sent from heaven you came into our grieving hearts when we needed you the most, as if you knew the great emptiness in our hearts that needed your special kind of love. You made a place for yourself here in our hearts and home and we loved you so very much. Run and play now with Goldie and OB and all the other beloved pets, free from seizures and free from pain. Run my boy run…….I’ll see you at the rainbow bridge. Cheyanne’s Story: He was surrendered by his owner at a Vet clinic because of seizures at the age of 13 and was to be returned to RaGAZ, where he was adopted from. But once he came into our lives as a long term foster, we all knew he was ours forever! Cheyanne was a true testimony to the tenderness and ease senior goldens bring to ones life. Never under estimate the great power and wisdom of a senior golden.