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Breed: Golden Retriever - Color: Red

Freddy, the 5 year old Golden Retriever- Freddy came to us on July 15, 2016, we rescued him from a kill shelter. We were told he had been taken from his owner due to animal cruelty and neglect. Freddy had been tied to a tree in the backyard of the owner’s house, given little food, almost no water and he had very little shade from the hot sun. It wasn’t until a good Samaritan who saw Freddy wasting away day-in and day-out finally had the courage to call animal services. He was in very bad shape when we got him, he was skin and bones, stunk horribly, his fur was falling off in clumps, had early signs of mange, had bad ear and yeast infections, allergies, was positive for heartworm, Erhichia, Aniplasmous and could hardly walk, but he had the biggest smile of any golden I’d seen. Despite the cruelty he had endured he came to us as if to say I still love humans and long for their touch. It breaks our hearts to see how much this gentle, sweet-natured boy has endured. Freddy’s been with us for almost a year as he’s had to overcome some major health issues and we’ve got him through the worst ones, except one. Vet tests show he has disc disease in his lower back which causes him lameness. He can’t run because it causes him great pain. Fortunately, his condition can be fixed with surgery, but we need to raise approximately $1,500. We’d loved to give him the chance to run and play like normal dogs do, but we just don’t have the funds. We’re asking you to donation of $20-$100 to help us give Freddy his surgery and getting him running again. He’d love to run and play fetch, but he can’t because he stumbles and falls and is sore for days. He deserves to be given a chance to lead a normal life like all the other dogs. Humans took 5 years of his life and now humans need to restore him so he CAN find that forever home. Help us give Freddy the gift of knowing what’s like to run to his heart’s content without chains or pain to hold him back… UPDATE:  Freddy's healed from his surgery and will be doing some hydrotherapy to strengthen the legs and back. He's gone from fast trotting to sometimes even running without pain!  Although, he may always have a limp on his right back leg we are grateful for all the progress he's made!  And, he couldn't have done it without you!  Another bit of good news!  Freddy's foster has decided to adopt him and we couldn't be happier!!!   Thank you all for your generosity and concern for Freddy!   

  • 5 years Old
  • Male
  • Neutered
  • 65
  • Trained?: Yes
  • Good With Kids?: Yes
  • Good With Dogs?: Yes
  • Good With Cats?: Yes
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